List of Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

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List of Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

We know you are searching for an ultralight backpacking wood stove. But all these best claiming brands are making you confused. So, for that reason, we have brought a variety of options in the backpacker wood stove, ultralight backpacking wood stove, wood-burning backpacking stove, and a small wood-burning camp stove so that you can find the one which best suits you.

But first, you need to keep in mind a few factors before you bring home a backpacker wood stove

Weight is an important factor you should always keep in mind. Your backpack should not be heavy to hurt your shoulder on the way. The ideal weight is 7 oz. The material best for such a product is titanium because it is light weighted, rustproof, strong, and durable. Some backpacker wood stove is versatile which means you can use them with charcoal, wood, and propane. We prefer versatile for preparedness.


If you like hiking. If you stay near the woods and camping is your weekend plan or you just like you set out with your friends once in a while, a wood-burning backpacking stove can be very useful to you. You can take it on a hike where you will hassle-free cooking experience. You can use it when you run out of gas. 


A small wood-burning camp stove that is collapsible can take away all that strain of carrying extra cooked food in your backpack. You can also use these backpacker wood stove for your Friday barbeque party. But choosing the right backpacker wood stove might be a hectic job but not anymore. We are here to help you out.


Here is a list of backpacker wood stove              


Volcano Grills 3-Fuel Portable Camping Stove/Fire Pit, Charcoal, Collapses Down to 5 inches; for Convenient Portability and Storage (VL-20-300) backpacker wood stove



The Volcano three collapsible Propane Grill is the most versatile in the world of backpacker wood stove. You can use wood, charcoal, or propane (However, since it is a small wood burning camp stove it connects to standard 20 pounds propane tank or adapter for portable bottles which are sold separately). So, this particular wood-burning backpacking stove is a very beneficial and all-purpose ultralight backpacking wood stove.


This small wood-burning camp collapses down to 5” which can be carried easily to the backyard or even hiking. You can also use this wood-burning backpacking stove for emergency preparedness. 


Volcano’s ultralight backpacking wood stove is safe and efficient with 19,500 BTU. So, there will be an efficient use of charcoal, wood, and a patented cook chamber. 


With your backpacker wood stove, you can grill with the help of an additional grill grate. Use this wood-burning backpacking stove as a Dutch oven, bake, roast, fry, or even steam.


– Works with propane, wood and charcoal.


– Can’t use butane.
– Expensive.


campmate WoodFlame ultralight backpacking wood stove 



KampMate brings you a backpacker wood stove that is ultralightweight portable, perfect for survival packs and emergency preparedness. It is made up of 100 % pure titanium. The ultralight backpacking wood stove is more durable, strong, and much lighter in weight than steel because of the titanium. It can withstand higher and lower extremes.


This ultralight backpacking wood stove is made of pure 304 stainless steel which makes it even stronger than stainless steel. This small wood burning camp stove weighs only 7.3oz and boasts a large 7″H x 6″W x 4″ L of the burning chamber.


 This small wood burning camp stove is extremely easy to assemble, the crossbar provides a stable surface for your cookware. Folds down to the size of your hand and thus can be a very small wood burning camp stove.


The speciality of this backpacker wood stove is “No Hassle Money Back Guarantee”. And it also comes with a nylon carrying bag. 


– Made up of 304 stainless steel.
– No-hassle money-back guarantee.
– Durable and less weight.


– Non-collapsible.








Volcano Grills 20-200 2 Fuel Charcoal & Collapsible backpacker wood stove   



This small wood burning camp stove from Volcano Grills is a collapsible backpacker wood stove. The package of stove includes volcano Volcano Collapsible Grill, Charcoal/Wood Grate, Diffuser Plate, Top Grill Storage Bag, and Instructional Manual.


This small wood-burning camp or wood-burning backpacking stove works with Volcano Dutch oven-Volcano Skillet/grill-Volcano Lid. This small wood burning camp stove can be used with charcoal or wood and is easily portable.


As the name suggests this backpacker wood stove is collapsible and can be easily stored in a bag. It is the most versatile and efficient grill on the market today. This wood-burning backpacking stove with two fuel cooker allows you to cook anything you want.


However, a propane kit is not available for this wood-burning backpacking stove.


– Collapsible backpacker wood stove.


– Expensive.


STADELHORN Titanium Minimalist wood-burning backpacking stove.



 This ultralight backpacking wood stove is also made up of 100% pure Titanium. It’s foldable and thus you can take it to camp, backpacking, hiking, and bushcraft survival. This backpacker wood stove is stronger and lighter. It weighs only 7.3 oz versus 14.5 oz for similar-sized steel models.


Unlike other backpacker wood stove that uses alcohol or bulky propane canister, you can simply use wood, twigs, leaves or branches as sources of fuel. These provide you with ultimate fuel from nature itself and saves space in your backpack.


This backpacker wood stove will last you forever. The titanium backpacker wood stove is strong and durable. Unlike steel, titanium is non-corrosive, non-magnetic, and rustproof. It can withstand higher and lower temperatures.


This backpacker wood stove is backed by a “No Hassle Money Back Guarantee” if not satisfied with. The package includes 1 small wood burning camp stove, 1 mesh carry bag, and other items demonstrating purpose.


– No-hassle money-back guarantee.       
– Durable and less weight.
It- Made up of titanium.


– Expensive.


Buying guide:


Weight – You should always choose an ultralight backpacking wood stove.


Material – Preferred material is titanium because it is durable and rustproof and also lightweight. Uses – Uses usually depends on you. However, if you are buying this for hiking charcoal and wood-burning backpacking stove are recommended. For preparedness propane and a versatile backpacker, the wood stove is recommended.

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